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Monday, November 10, 2008


this is how i feel now
He’s got the kind of look that defies gravity
he's the greatest cookand he's fat free
he's been to private school
And he speaks perfect Spanishhe's got the perfect friends
Oh isn't he cool
he plays soccer he'd never lose his nerve
he's more than you deserve
he's just far better than me
So don't bother
I won't die of deception
I promise you won't ever see me cry
Don't feel sorryAnd don't botherI'll be fine
But he's waiting
The ring he gave to you will lose its shine
So don't bother, be unkind.
I'm sure he doesn't know
How to touch you like I wouldI beat him at that one good
don’t you think so?he's almost 7 feet tallhe must think I'm a flea
I'm really a cat you see
And it's not my last life at all For you, I'd give up all I own
And move to a communist country
If you came with me, of course
And I'd file my nails so they don't hurt you
And gain those pounds they say I need , and learn about cartoonsI
f it made you stay, but you won't, but you won't
So don't bother,I'll be fine, I'll be fine, I'll be fine, I'll befine
Promise you won't ever see me cry
And after all I'm glad that I'm not your type
Promise you won't ever see me cry


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