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Saturday, July 25, 2009


It was a sunny day, smiles and some tears were running thru my cheeks, but they we were not only mine but also theirs, my most beloved and closest human beings. My family and friends
They have always been there when I needed them most, now they are so far away, I miss them. They do not really know that I my wall is full of their pictures. All of them look so happy. I was leaving that day …
I’m crossing the door that will lead me towards the plane, I’m leaving all behind, all those good experiences that I had are nothing but memories now.
I feel nauseas as soon as I got in the plane, a combination of excitement, deep sadness, a tasteless thing like I have never felt before. God is this the right decision? The plane is moving with a speed that makes me experience a really weird feeling. I hand over my shoulder, a voice that says are you ok? I said yes by instinct, I didn’t even look at the person. I grabbed a magazine; I tried to forget my sadness.
From the sky I saw the little houses, cars going everywhere like ants in the summer.
I finally arrived to San Jose de Costa Rica, it is beautiful I thought, I tried to smile but I still feeling that emptiness.
After so many hours I arrived to my destination. The United States of America, what is I about this land? Why did I always want to come here? I don’t even know that answer. While I’m feeling hungry I started to look for a phone , my legs are shaking, my chest is delighted as I talked to my mom . Finally she tells me to keep my way to Salt Lake City.
Next destination Salt Lake City, I rush to get in the train that will take me to gate number 6 , everyone seem to be there , silent , they don’t even move a muscle, they don’t even breath, I look for a smile anything, nothing happens. Finally a young girl with blue eyes smiles as she lets her hair fall upon her shoulders. What a relief! I can breathe now.
The plane is ready to fly, Salt Lake City here I go , the plane shakes in the middle of the clouds, those clouds that are full of snow. I look thru the window and all I can see is mountains and snow that are all over the beautiful landscape.
My foot touch the ground , I feel an intense cold all over my body , I don’t even know who to describe it, it is fear or it is just the fact that I am nervous about what is next. I hurry ,walking thru the corridors , pale faces are all over the place, I feel all the eyes over me , I think “am I the only one brown here”?No not really , I can see some Mexicans laughing while they speak a very funny Spanish.
Some friends are waiting for me in the airport, new life; new challenges are just in the corner of the street. The snow is all over the city. Everything is white just like my mind, I don’t know what to think, the only thing I can do is to smile and sometimes I just whisper things are nonsense.

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