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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


How to survive to this inexplicable revolution?
How not fall in your mortal tramp?
How to breath when u are near me if you take away the air?
How to decipher the dilemma of my heart?
How to resist your lethal effect, your giant shadow?
How to advance to the next level having control?
I have to invent a new technique to avoid you,
Or to return to bed and dream about you.
Too wild to letting you caught me and
To coward to go out and look for you.
Too smart for letting you escape
And thoughtless enough for loving you.
Your love a temptation
Too irresistible to deny it, there’s no too much to decide
There’s an angel and a demon and you are in the middle.
I will be your mortal trap
You won’t have to convince me, it will be enough by looking at me.
Ill make you die for me,
And decor with my photo all your room
How to ignore the dumb phone the unwritten letter?
How to combine my curiosity and this atrocious panic?
I can only think of what I’m going to say and how you are going to look at me and in that way you are going to make me fall in love for you.
Listen to my heart’s scandal.

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